Truly Innovative Gaming!

We’ve created new and exciting ways to play traditional poker and sports-based games.


We’ve taken our proprietary Tournament Gaming Engine and applied it to poker.   The result is PokoMaximo, a game that combines poker with the lottery.


PokoMaximo is a patent-pending game format that literally allows an unlimited number of people to play in a single hand of poker. It’s similar to Texas Hold’em. There are three community cards dealt face up and each player is randomly assigned four of the remaining 49 cards in the deck. The hole cards are revealed sequentially with players having the option to place an additional bet and stay in, or fold and exit the game. As the game progresses, the pot gets bigger and bigger!


Click here to play the desktop demo of PokoMaximo.


Platform Gaming Technologies is pioneer in Simulated Sports, a new category in sports-based gaming that enables quick-play games based on the results of simulated sporting events.

SportoPoko MMPG

SportoPoko is a patent-pending game format that combines the excitement of sports with online poker.  In the MMPG (Massive Multi-Player Game) version, a proprietary staged-betting mechanism is employed where entrants can either submit and additional fee or fold and exit the game at each inflection point.  SportoPoko can literally accommodate an unlimited number of players.


We’re also developing a table version of SportoPoko.  In the table version of SportoPoko, up to eight entrants play at a single table and true poker table wagering is employed (call, check, bet, raise and fold) and betting rounds commence after each inflection point in the game.


Click here to play the desktop demo of SportoPoko MMPG.


SportoSlotto is a patent-pending game format that combines sports with the excitement of online slots.  It’s essentially the first sports-based slot machine.  It uses our patented Top-X format with our proprietary simulation engine.  Here’s how it works.  First, a random schedule is generated.  Next, players are required to predict the top X (1-8) athletes or teams based on their performance.  Once a player’s picks are in, they select the amount they want to wager and then click the SPIN button.  The simulation runs and players win based on the number of athletes or teams correctly predicted in any order and in perfect order.  Payouts are designed to give the house an edge similar to online slots.


Click here to play the desktop demo of SportoSlotto.


Simulated Sportsbook


We’ve taken our proprietary simulation engine and created a fun and exciting simulated sports book game where you can play the point spread, parlay multiple wagers and pick the over-under.


Simulated Survivor


Imagine playing a season-long survivor game in a single evening. Playing is fast and simple. The objective is to pick one team to win each week. However, you can only pick a team once. It’s a lot harder than you’d think. Whoever lives the longest wins the pot!


We offer a wide variety of games that are based on the results of real sporting events, including Top-X, House Games and popular Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) formats such as Salary Cap and No Cap.


Top-X is a patented game format that essentially turns traditional sports into a horse race. The objective is simple – predict the top ‘X’ performing athletes or teams based on their performance during the contest period. A perfect score can win millions and Top-X opens the door for a sports-based lottery.  Additionally, we have a relationship with Lloyd’s of London and cost-effective prize indemnification insurance can be purchased to off-set some of the risk.


House Games:  House Games use Top-X to enable what we all “quasi-pari-mutuel wagering”, which is essentially pari-mutuel style wagers (perfecta, trifecta, etc.), but with a fixed payout.  For example, predict the top three performing QBs for Sunday’s NFL games in exact order to win 10 times the amount of your wager.  We know the odds and payouts can be set to give the house an edge.  The possibilities are limitless.