Sports Betting On Demand 24-7-365!

Imagine being able to place traditional sportsbook wagers on your favorite sport on demand, year-round, even in the off season!   We’ve developed a series of patented and patent-pending game formats that expand sports wagering to new levels.

Simulated Sports vs. Virtual Sports

Although there are some similarities, Virtual Sports and Simulated Sports are quite different.  In Virtual Sports, teams (or horses) are graphically rendered  and people wager on the outcome of a single “virtual” event (i.e. a game or race).  In Simulated Sports, the results of multiple games or events are randomly simulated to produce outcomes that mimic real life.  For example, one week of NFL Football can be simulated (16 games).  This not only includes the performance of all 32 teams, but also the performance of all relevant athletes therein.  Graphic renditions are not essential to game play and are typically not utilized.  Since Simulated Sports produces a greater range of outcomes, it provides a multitude of wagering opportunities, including:

  1. Moneyline
  2. Point Spread
  3. Over-Under
  4. Parlays / Accumulators

Proprietary Simulation Engine

We’ve developed a highly-sophisticated engine that simulates statistical consistent results of both teams and individual athletes based on their historical performance.  It can be used with all major sports, including:

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

We're actively we're looking for a select group of operators (online casinos & sportsbooks, traditional casinos, lotteries and pari-mutuels) to become Beta Partners to help us test and configure our products. Contact us today for a demo!