The Next Evolution!

Sports wagering is rapidly expanding in the U.S. with over 30 States expected to offer legal sports wagering within the next five years.  PGT is positioned exceptionally well to capitalize on this accelerating trend.  We’ve developed a series of patented and patent-pending game formats that greatly expand the possibilities.


The Most Exciting Game in Sports Wagering!

Top-X Turns Traditional Team Sports into a Horse Race!

TOP-X:  PGT has developed Top-X, a patented game format the greatly expands the possibilities for sports wagering.  In Top-X, the objective is to predict the top “X” performing teams or players during the contest period.  One example is Top-8 NFL QB, where the objective is to predict the top eight performing quarterbacks for one-week of NFL Football.

Quasi-Pari-Mutuel (“QPM”) Wagering:  Top-X enables a form of wagering we call QPM or quasi-pari-mutuel.  It’s similar to pari-mutuel wagering, which is the common form of wagering found in Horse Racing.  However, in QPM, payouts are fixed for all combinations and do not fluctuate based on the bets placed.   Examples of QPM wagering are straight bets (i.e. win, place, show), quinela (top-2 any order), exacta (top-2 perfect order) and trifecta (top-3 any order).

Types of Payout Structures:  There are three different types of payout structures in Top-X;

  1. Any Order, which requires the correct X number of Top-X picks, regardless of order, to win,
  2. Perfect Order, which requires that the correct X number of Top-X picks in exact order to win, and
  3. Multi-Play, that awards the player based on the number of correct picks in either Any or Perfect order, but does not require that all are correct.

A Sports-Based Lottery!

Perfect Score Prize:  When a larger number of picks are required and the odds are long, the game may also enable the awarding of a Perfect Score Prize, if all of the required picks fall in perfect order.  Perfect Score Prizes are typically high value payout prizes and can potentially be insured through Lloyd’s of London.  For example, we could offer a multi-million dollar payout for a perfect score in Top-8 NFL QB.  This essentially opens up the possibility of a sports-based lottery!

Available Sports for Top-X

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