Unlimited Players - Unlimited Potential!

Expanding the Horizon of Traditional Gaming.



Imagine playing a single hand of poker or a single-player game like Solitaire against hundreds or thousands of people at the same time.   We’ve created a tool that allows us to take traditional games designed for a limited number of players and turn them into massive-multi-player-games (“MMPGs”) that can accommodate an unlimited number of simultaneous players.  In other words, we can take traditional game formats and put them on steroids!



One of the biggest challenges in converting a traditional game with limited players to a MMPG occurs when a game has progressive wagering and enables players to fold or exit the game.  For example, in poker, wagering continues throughout the game and players can elect to fold and dropout of a given hand.  We’ve solved this problem by incorporating a proprietary staged wagering tool.  It enables incremental wagering in games that have large number of players and allows players who are unsatisfied with their current hand or play to fold and exit the game.



Some MMPGs utilize a fixed payout scheme.  For example, in Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”), all payouts are static and pre-published.  They do not fluctuate based on the number of players.  This puts the operator at a disadvantage.  If the requisite slots are not filled, the operator has two choices.  They can either cancel the game or pay the published payouts, which may result in a loss.  Pre-published and static payouts are likely due to regulatory constraints on the operator.  However, in some jurisdictions operators for certain game formats operators are not required to pre-publish payouts.  As such, payouts can and should fluctuate based on the number of entrants, and if staged wagering is employed, the additional wagers that are placed by remaining entrants.  This insures the operator will earn a profit.  Although this sounds like a simple challenge for an operator, it is not.  this is especially true for games where entrants can fold and leave the game.  To address this problem, we’ve developed a proprietary dynamic prizing tool that adjusts payouts in real time.

Interested in Becoming Partner?

We're actively we're looking for a select group of operators (online casinos & sportsbooks, traditional casinos, lotteries and pari-mutuels) to become Beta Partners to help us test and configure our products. Get in on the ground floor and contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you going to launch?

We expect to formally launch in Q3 of 2019.

Can I help Beta test your games?

Yes.  We expect to admit a handful of motivated operators into our upcoming Beta tests, which are tentatively scheduled for Q3 2019.  If you’re interested contact us as soon as practicable.

As an operator partner. do I need a license from the professional sports leagues for your simulations sports products?

The short answer is yes.   Technically speaking, if you’re a licensee, all games are offered by and through you, although we administer the games for you from our servers.

Are your games cash games where people play for real money?

The answer is yes.  However, we will also likely offer free-to-play versions of our products to the private contest and social casino markets.