OVERVIEW.  PGT has developed a patented, massive-multiplayer gaming engine that enables a theoretically unlimited number of people to simultaneously play in fast-paced, real-time continuous play tournaments (CPTs). Our first title is PokoMaximo, the world’s first massive-multiplayer poker game. Additional titles will be released in the coming months.

HOW IT WORKS. Our CPTs are divided into repeating, short-term rounds of play. At the beginning of each round, players pay an ante to a collective pot. Then, at various stages, they pay additional fees to stay in the round. Players who do not pay the additional fees exit the round. At the end of the round, the players who stayed in are scored. The pot is then distributed to the remaining players based on their relative performance. Shortly thereafter, the next round starts and the process repeats.

REVENUE MODEL. Operators earn 5.0% of the collective pot generated from each round of play (the “rake”). PGT then earns between 15-20% of the operator’s revenues for licensing and game delivery.

Game Titles