Taking Sports-Based Gaming to the Next Level

The sports-based games in our portfolio include the following:

  • TOP-X. Top-X is a patented game format where the objective is to predict the top “X” performing teams / athletes based on performance. It can be played in free-to-play or cash entry tournament format or in prop-betting format where fixed payout wagering is employed and operators earn an underwriting margin.
  • REVERSE BRACKET. Reverse Bracket is a patent-pending concept that makes playing in bracket-based contests much easier. In a Reverse Bracket contest, you start by picking the winning player / team first as opposed to the winners of each first round match.  This greatly reduces the number of decisions required to play.  Also, abbreviated formats such as TOP-8 REVERSE BRACKET can be employed that reduce the required decisions even further (i.e., 8 decisions vs. 63 for the NCAA Basketball Tournament).
  • BEAT THE CELEBRITY. Beat the Celebrity (BTC) is a derivative format where entrants plays head-to-head, but collectively against a designated celebrity. If you beat the celebrity you qualify for the prize pool and/or win a prize. BTC contest’s enable the operator to leverage the fan base of the celebrity and acquire customers at a fraction of the cost.

DISTRIBUTION & REVENUE MODEL.  We’ve identified three distribution opportunities:

  • Sportsbooks. We believe that US Sportsbook operators will demand our products. First, all of our formats were specifically designed to enable promotional contests that can cost-effectively attract large numbers of participants. Currently, as new jurisdictions are legalizing sports betting, customer acquisition is of paramount importance.  Second, as the industry matures, it will tend towards commoditization.  Our products are extremely unique and would enable our licensees to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge.
  • Media Companies. Media companies are constantly seeking new and exciting ways to engage their viewers. Some media companies have incorporated sports-based promotional and fantasy games into their platforms.  Many have yet to do so.  We believe there is a significant opportunity to license our games to media companies for this purpose.
  • Charity-Based Gaming. For charity-based gaming, we’re launching BenePlay, a platform designed to enable 501(c)(3) organizations to fundraise through our sports-based formats. BenePlay is expected to formally launch in Q2 2022.

Game Titles