Reverse Bracket is a patented-pending game concept that makes playing in bracket tournament contests much easier.  In a Reverse Bracket contest, you start by predicting the player or team you believe will win the tournament.  Next, you pick the runner-up of the tournament from the opposite side of the bracket. By going in reverse order, we decrease the number of required decisions dramatically.  For example, to fill out an entire bracket using the traditional method for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, you must make 63 decisions.  Employing the Reverse Bracket method, the number of decisions required falls to 32.  This cuts the required amount of time almost in half.

ABBREVIATED FORMATS.  Reverse Bracket also enables abbreviated formats such as Top-8 Reverse Bracket where the objective is to predict the top eight finishing teams or players.  By using the Top-8 version for a standard base 64 tournament, 31 decisions are made by picking the top eight finishers.  This is because predicting the first place team is the same as predicting the winner of six games; the second place team is the same as five; and so on.

Reverse Bracket can also be played in BTC mode (Beat the Celebrity).  Beat the Celebrity (BTC) is a derivative format where entrants plays head-to-head, but collectively against a designated celebrity. If you beat the celebrity you qualify for the prize pool and/or win a prize. BTC contest’s enable the operator to leverage the fan base of the celebrity and acquire customers at a fraction of the cost.

DEMO VERSION.  The current demo version of Reverse Bracket is in Top-8 format and utilizes PGT’s proprietary sports simulation engine to provide you with a quick and engaging experience so you can see for yourself how the Reverse Bracket format works without having to wait for the results of real sporting events.  It is based on a fictitious NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Here’s how you play.

STEP 1.  ENTER THE CONTEST.  In the game lobby, you will see one or more game placards.  Click the ENTER button to play.

STEP 2.  PICK YOUR TEAMS AND CONFIRM YOUR LINEUP.  The next step is to select your teams.  First, you will pick the team you predict will win the tournament.  To do this, click the PLUS button for the 1st place slot.  This will take you to the Available Teams table.  There, click the PLUS button to add a team to the 1st place slot.  Our software will then guide you through the process.  You can remove a team from your lineup by clicking the MINUS button in the team’s slot.  Note that order of selection matters.  As such, you will only be able to remove the team from the last slot you filled.  So, if you filled all eight slots and wish to replace the 5th place pick, you will need to first remove the 8th, 7th and 6th place picks.  Once you’re satisfied with your lineup, click the CONFIRM button to lock your lineup and enter the contest.  Note that if you fail to confirm your lineup before the entry deadline, you will have to wait until the next round to play.

STEP 3.  SEE THE FINAL RESULTS.  When the entry deadline hits zero, the simulation will start.  It will simulate and reveal the results of the underlying games and produce a final bracket outcome.  Note that the simulation engine works by producing statistically consistent, randomized outcomes based on the past performance of the players and teams.  Once the simulated results have been produced, your lineup will be scored and ranked relative to the other players (bots) participating.  You will then be paid out (mock account credited) based on the payout table, which is accessible by clicking the payout slider in the upper-right-side of the page.




Introducing a brand new way to play in bracket tournament contests. Reverse Bracket is a patent-pending concept where you fill out a bracket in reverse, starting with the winning team. From there, the 2nd place team is selected from the other half of the bracket. Using this method saves considerable time (i.e., 32 decisions vs. 63 decisions for a full NCAA Tournament Bracket). Also, abbreviated versions can be used like Top-8 Reverse Bracket.

More Information
  • Patent-Pending
  • Top-8 Format Available
  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
  • FIFA World Cup
  • ATP & WTA Tournaments
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Playoffs for most major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, UEFA, etc.)
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