Top-X is a patented game format where the objective is to predict the top “X” performing crypto currencies based on performance. It can be played in free-to-play or cash entry tournament format or in prop-betting format where fixed payout wagering is employed and operators earn an underwriting margin.  Top-X can also be played in BTC mode (Beat the Celebrity).  Beat the Celebrity (BTC) is a derivative format where entrants plays head-to-head, but collectively against a designated celebrity. If you beat the celebrity you qualify for the prize pool and/or win a prize. BTC contest’s enable the operator to leverage the fan base of the celebrity and acquire customers at a fraction of the cost.

DEMO VERSION.  The current demo version of Top-X utilizes PGT’s proprietary market simulation engine to provide you with a quick and engaging experience so you can see for yourself how Top-X works without having to wait for the results of real sporting events.  Here’s how you play.

STEP 1.  ENTER THE CONTEST.  In the game lobby, you will see one or more game placards.  Click the ENTER button to play.

STEP 2.  PICK YOUR PLAYERS AND CONFIRM YOUR LINEUP.  The next step is to select your cryptos.  To do this, click the PLUS button for a given player slot.  This will take you to the Available Cryptos table.  There, click the PLUS button to add a crypto currency to your lineup.  You can remove a crypto currency from your lineup by clicking the MINUS button in the relevant slot.  You can also adjust the order by dragging and dropping crypto currencies to the slots you desire.  Once you’re satisfied with your lineup, click the CONFIRM button to lock your lineup and enter the contest.  Note that if you fail to confirm your lineup before the entry deadline, you will have to wait until the next round to play.

STEP 3.  SEE THE FINAL RESULTS.  When the entry deadline hits zero, the simulation will start.  It will simulate and reveal the results of the competing crypto currencies.  Note that the simulation engine works by producing statistically consistent, randomized outcomes based on the past performance of the available crypto currencies.  Once the simulated results have been produced, your lineup will be scored and ranked relative to the other players (bots) participating.  You will then be paid out (mock account credited) based on the payout table, which is accessible by clicking the payout slider in the upper-right-side of the page.




Top-X is a patented game where the objective is to predict the top “X” athletes or teams based on performance during the contest period. For example, in Top-5 NFL QB, the objective is top five performing QBs for one week of NFL Football.

More Information
  • Patented
  • Highly-configurable (Top-1 to Top-8)
  • Tournaments
  • Prop-Betting
  • Beat the Celebrity Enabled
  • Can be applied to all major sports
  • Simulated sports versions also available
  • Fully-insured, multi-million dollar Perfect Score Prizes available with certain configurations
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